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A mewtwo with blue fur over mist of his body except for a splitch on his chest. his belly, tail, toes and fingers are all green like his eyes. Secured to his second neck is his royal purple and gold trimmed collar with his masterball hanging from it. he is usually always wearing toe socks which are purple and gold striped which hide his sensetive pink paw pads.

A closer inspection of his groin shows a slit in which hides his cock. When in heat his cock will not emerge and he effectively becomes a cunt boy permitting impregnation. while pregnant his 6 nipples (2 chest and 4 belly) will start to show themselves.

He is shy about some of his kinks, mainly his love of diapers and using them, sometimes on rare occasions he will even become a diaper critter, effectively a living diaper suit. he is a switch by nature and prefers to sub but also likes to dom.

While he is a mewtwo he rarely uses those powers insted preferring to use his other powers which are substantial. he doesnt like confrontation, nor being ignored and will tend to shy away from such events.