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Some Rules for Drako's Den Forums

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Drako's Den Forums are Adult in Nature and we do encourage that users are free to discuss pretty much anything.
Please keep in mind that users are allowed to discuss adult concepts, thoughts, and ideas in full detail.
This includes details in the User Descriptions and Stories that may be explicit in nature.
With that in mind, no one under the age of 18 (21 in some jurisdictions) is allowed onto Drako's Den Forums.

Guests accounts may only create new posts in the Stories Thread and reply to current posts.
Guests also will only have access to the following Threads:
Forum Rules and Announcements
User Description Board
Drako's Den Stories

Registered users have full access to the Forums and all Threads.

Registered users get the following benefits:
Registered users will not be prompted for the anti-spam CAPTCA when they post.*
The ability to edit/delete to their own posts - useful for Stories and User Descriptions.
The ability to have a custom Forum signature.
The ability to upload a custom Avatar Image.

On the top right of our Forums are options to Register your Account and to login.
You will need to use a valid e-Mail address to sign up and login.
We will send a one-time e-Mail to confirm your address.

Users are to only post new Topics in the appropriate Threads.
Topics not created under any Threads (On the Main page of the Forums) will be deleted by the Admin Staff.

We would also prefer that images uploaded to Drako's Den Forums are NOT adult in nature.
Tasteful Nudes may be permitted
Please do not upload images to the Forums that show any sexual arousal.

We would rather have those images in our Art and Photo Galleries.

* - The Forum does have an anti-flood engine.  So while Registered users will not have to fill out the CAPTCHA for most posts, if they post a lot in a short period of time, the CAPTCA may show up to make sure you are a real person and not a bot.
The DWS Team

Webmaster and Admin Team for Drako's Den and Playground.

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